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Pouring Back Into Our Community

Due to the COVID-19 crisis The Pour will look different this year.

We have re-imagined this popular event as a campaign that will make a significant impact during this challenging time, while continuing to support the local food and wine industry. We will miss seeing you on the beautiful grounds of Arbor Crest, but we know this is the right thing to do.

Donations to The Pour campaign will assist front-line caregivers at local Providence hospitals while giving a boost to the local economy and helping some of our neediest patients.

Funds raised will help us:

  • Purchase meals from local restaurants, providing an influx of cash to one of the hardest-hit industries.
  • Deliver these meals to caregivers at Sacred Heart and Holy Family, who are putting their lives on the line as they battle the pandemic.
  • Support the basic needs of struggling families through our Patient Emergency Fund. The pandemic is having a devastating impact on families whose lives have already been turned upside down due to illness or injury. We anticipate an even bigger demand on this fund as the consequences of COVID-19 become more clear.

Many community leaders have already stepped up to answer the call to help. Won’t you join them?

Individual donors of $1,000 and more will receive a delivery of a premium bottle of wine and will be entered into a drawing for prizes that include an exclusive private wine experience, a pair of airline tickets, and a Gonzaga University basketball experience.


For more information please contact Melanie Miller: melanie.miller@providence.org